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Have you ever had a song bring back a memory?⁣⁣

Music can transport us back in time.⁣⁣

Yesterday I was listening to an old Cranberries album. Every time I hear their music, it brings up amazing memories from years ago.⁣

⁣In a world where everything seems to be moving at the speed of light, music has a special quality. The songs we cherish become locked into our minds, they slow things down, and they help us to remember.⁣⁣ Sometimes all we need to lift us up during times of struggle, is to hear a few notes of a song from a band we loved at a specific time in our lives. ⁣

Just like the songs we cherish become imprinted into our memories, so do the teachers in our lives that have impacted us so long ago. For some of your students, you will be the one who becomes locked into their memories. You will be the one they search for when they need a boost of encouragement, confidence, or wisdom. ⁣⁣

Today, I want to encourage you to be the song your students will never forget. Be the one they will always remember years from now, not only for the content you taught them, but also for the positive path you helped guide them towards. Remind them today of how brilliant they are, so that they will have the confidence to pursue their dreams in the years to come. ⁣

Sometimes all we need to have the confidence to move forward toward our goals, are a few words of wisdom given to us from a teacher at a specific moment in our lives. Just like the notes of a song can change the landscape of our entire day decades after it was released, a few words from a respected teacher, locked in the mind of a student, can do the same thing. ⁣

Make it a goal to be the one who will slow things down, impart wisdom, and give the confidence boost your students will remember long after they have left your classroom. ⁣

⁣Be the song they never forget. ⁣

. ⁣

“Wednesday Wondering” to Ponder…

It doesn’t always take an orchestra to make an impact. Sometimes, all that is needed is one single instrument.

How can you be that instrument in the lives of those you lead?



  1. This really resonated with me. I think we have to model how to handle tricky emotions like anger, frustration and fear in a real way. This week I am being authentic with my class by sharing frustrations about changes that have taken me by surprise and talking through how I will try to manage these is a positive way.

  2. I am being authentic about the fact that my age is representative of the importance of valuing each day and making each moment of life and love blessings.

  3. Hello! This is something I embraced early in my teaching career. I had days where I was so tired of role-playing, that I just couldn’t keep it up. I am as transparent as a window. I am honest and transparent with love and kindness. Thank you for this wondering… BE FEARLESSLY AUTHENTIC!!!

  4. Thank you… this is just what I needed. I think mine is when I explain something and the lights go on one by one. That is a win-win. And I treasure those moments.

  5. I am at my wall… This encouraged me today to keep going. No matter the wall I can still stand tall. One brick at a time. Thank you for this piece of encouragement!

  6. We had a Literacy Week this week… I can definitely think of something to thank the teachers. And for the students… I can create a Certificate of Completion.

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