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Back Story

My name is Chuck Poole and I am a teacher of over 20 years (and still in the classroom), the founder of Teachonomy, an author, and a proud member of the Achieve3000 family. I’ve had my share of adventures in life. I have played soccer overseas, sailed with a “Deadliest Catch” fishing crew, never sipped or even tasted coffee, and have taught or coached at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. I believe that each one of us have a story to tell and an adventure to share. It is when we come together and unite as teachers and leaders, that our impact grows immensely and our lives become better. Teachonomy was created so that educators everywhere can benefit from the experiences, ideas, and adventures we all have to share.

At first it was only a simple podcast and blog designed to encourage teachers weekly. With every episode or article posted, more teachers began to join in on the conversation and there came a need to expand the community by offering more ways to connect, learn, and grow together

Part of that need was met by providing quality learning experiences through events that teachers could attend for free. Doing this in a virtual/online format was the best way to reach the needs of such a worldwide community. With a mix of live learning and pre-recorded sessions, teachers from around the globe could take part. 

The first event drew in a few hundred teachers coming together to learn and collaborate, and the Annual Teacher Success Summit was born. 

Fast forward four years to today

The latest Teacher Success Summit has exploded worldwide.

  • Over 16,000 teachers from every part of the world joined in to learn together.
  • Over 100 thought leaders took part in leading sessions and conversations. 
  • Participants from every continent and time zone

“Mini Events” held throughout the year have brought in thousands of teachers learning together from amazing thought leaders and practitioners

Partnered with Achieve3000 and will now have an enhanced Teachonomy experience that will offer:

  • Community groups for teachers to collaborate and come together to support one another on a daily basis. 
  • Forums for teachers to ask questions and get feedback from within the community
  • New Thought Leader sessions 
  • Quick Two Minute strategy planning videos
  • Live “check-ins” to help support and uplift