Identifying Our Clogs

Last week the drain to my shower was clogged, but baking soda saved the day! 

It was one of those clogs where the water pools up and sits for a while before slowly disappearing and leaving a gross residue that has to be wiped immediately. I didn’t have time to wait until it took care of itself, so I used a good old home remedy to help it along… vinegar and baking soda. 

After a few minutes of carefully using this combination on the drain, the water began to move more rapidly and eventually flowed freely again. It honestly saved me hours of frustration that would have been waiting for me had I let the water sitting all day long.

Sometimes teaching can feel a lot like my clogged shower drain. The normal flow that we often take for granted can become disrupted for some reason and require a remedy to help us move forward. 

These “teaching clogs” are normal, and happen to every teacher. I know I have come across quite a few throughout my career. 

Just like the clog that was slowing down my shower drain, there is always a remedy… although some will be more difficult to handle than others. Sometimes we will need to seek out assistance to help clear the issues that have been building up for years, while other times it may be a simple ‘home remedy’ that will do the trick. Some clogs will require uncomfortable confrontation while others may need us to accept a humbling truth. 

Regardless of what the clog may be, the key thing to remember is that you are not in this alone. 

Identify your clog, be brave enough to attempt to find the tools needed to provide a remedy, and rely on those around you to support and help you through.

Today, I want to encourage you if you are in the midst of a clog. I want you to realize that whatever you may be going through in your teaching, even if it feels like no one could possibly understand, there are others who “get it.” Reach out to them. Remember, the students in front of you will be forever changed because of the impact you’ve had on their lives. No clog you are struggling to unblock will ever change that. Take some time to step back and find the remedy you need to help things flow freely again. 

“Wednesday Wondering” to Ponder…

What “Teacher Clogs” are in your life currently? 

What can you do today to help begin the process of moving toward a remedy?