The Teacher Prescription

Recently, I went to the eye doctor. 

I didn’t go because I felt that my vision was slipping drastically or that I needed a prescription to see clearly. I went because lately when I am driving, during storms, high traffic times, or late at night, my eyesight becomes blurry. Although I survive these situations, things just aren’t clear. 

So I went to the eye doctor to find out if anything could be done to help this issue. After a quick conversation and a complete eye exam, he told me that this is happening because my eyes are stressed. When they are going through high-intensity situations they are working harder and are becoming strained, causing things to be slightly out of focus. He told me that my eyesight was fine, but he gave me a slight prescription designed to help sharpen things during these stressful times so I would be able to see clearly.

As teachers, we have times of stress, high-intensity expectations, and days where one thing piles onto the next. During these times we may be overwhelmed or frustrated, and things can tend to become blurry. The key thing to remember, though, is that sometimes all it will take is a slight “prescription” to help sharpen things and assist us in seeing clearly again. For me, my teacher prescription to help sharpen my lens is made up of my family who supports me, a strong inner circle of colleagues who I can trust, and friends who I can lean on. Although I could survive these times alone, I would much rather put on my “prescription” and embrace the assistance I need to help me see things without a blur. 

Today, I want to encourage you to find your “prescription” and use it anytime you think things are becoming out of focus. Sometimes all we need to turn one of our worst days into one of our best memories is a little assistance to help us see things a little more clearly.

What, or who, makes up your “Teacher Prescription?”